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I am not the procrastinator
you believe me to be. The dilettante.
The upstart coupled
with the has-been. I swear
I do not sit in the hallway closet
guzzling soup, dreaming of expensive
Japanese hand creams. Nor do I pretend to be
a twenty-five-year-old South Korean
video gamer, a bra-designer,
an eighty-five-year-old flirt. And please
stop spreading rumors that I sleep
in a body stocking that only looks
like I’m nude. That I wear a fake
ginger beard to Sunday mass. I have shown up
on darkened video feeds with scrambled voice
to dispute your lies, your fragrant
misunderstandings. I am trying to start
a war between San Marino and Andorra
about as much as I am learning
to cook Albanian with a Laotian flair.
That iceberg you purchased from me
last winter was much larger I am willing
to notarize, its scalloped edges
once perfect for the seaside
tennis courts of your most intimate longing.
I did not write a handbook for chaos,
I did not distribute it freely
both in e-book and print
to your deepest enemies.


Mary Donnelly
Copyright © 2013  

Mary Donnelly is an LA-born, Brooklyn-based poet whose work has appeared in The Hat, Hunger Mountain, Indiana Review, and the Iowa Review, among others. She is senior editor for failbetter and teaches poetry through Gotham Writers’ Workshop.

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