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Also yhoten or etayne.
I am he this now,
looking down upon myself.

Giant or Jack, orders
of magnitude order this tune:
imagine a million million of Jack,

that much more of his beans,
but the notion of him floats up
the stalk where ettin, eont

(myself), hands on knees, gazes
down in what must be
vague contemplation—

giant I he makes my thought,
he is I this now he thinks,
methinks my thought,

my thought makes me,
but it of small bits, ants and beans
dream up my thought,

not me and he not he nor else:
Fin Ma Cowl, Gog Magog
nor dwarf this now,

nor Eten nor anything—
this I this he this now,
large wondering us all.

eten: a giant (13th century)


Charles Wyatt
Copyright © 2013  

Charles Wyatt is the author of two collections of short fiction, a novella, and two poetry chapbooks. He is the recipient of the Beloit Poetry Journal’s 2010 Chad Walsh Prize and the Writers@Work 2013 Fellowship in Poetry.

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