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Last Thoughts Of A Man Found Drowned, Standing Miraculously Upright On The River Basin

beneath the surface of the water
there is more water

swim deeper, the current
swift, I am

constantly checking behind

the shower curtain opening
and closing

the medicine cabinet

when I say your name underwater
unrecognizable the act

the difference between an act of defiance
and an act of betrayal

I am one of those people that feels nothing
will ever be right until I fall in love

the better listener
the exit sign in the hotel hall

the halftime show: an exposition
of sand and timelessness

the timeless fear what lurks
behind the shower curtain

I have been making eyes at you all night
let down let down
your hair

the blue ink pouring from my wrist
an empty signature

digital stopwatch frozen at 59:59
and the always open mouth an empty O


Nathan Stabenfeldt
Copyright 2013  

Nathan Stabenfeldt was born in Evansville, Indiana and currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. He graduated from Belmont University in 2012 with a BA in English and Philosophy, and has work forthcoming in Small Batch, an anthology from Two of Cups Press.

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