Anna Oneglia   © 2013 All Rights Reserved

            inspired by “The Anger that Breaks the Man into Children” by Cesar Vallejo

The woman breaks three times
into two boys and a girl. A man is with her,
but he breaks in his own way, something inside

falling from the tree of his heart.
They both know there is no cure.

Their house breaks, divides
into separate rooms for each child. The years break
into soccer practices and games, into sleepovers and homework,

into drivers’ licenses, prom nights, college.
A moon rises above the silent lake

like hope lighting up below the murk
of a calm surface. One son breaks into two
children; his job breaks into an apartment in Japan.

The other two break across the country,
Pullman and Pittsburgh, as the world at large continues

to stick its tired head in the sand.
Of course, the sand breaks
into hunger, hunger into war, war into cemeteries

and dust. The dust breaks into reds and oranges,
bleeding across the sky until night wakes.


David James
Copyright © 2013  

David James’ second book, She Dances Like Mussolini, won the 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Award for poetry. More than thirty of his one-act plays have been produced from New York to California. He teaches at Oakland Community College.

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