Margeaux Walter   © 2012 All Rights Reserved

After Revelation

We’re stubbed by bourbon. We
child births in abandoned saw-
mills on the outskirts. We take to
traveling quiet on the wind side,
our scent stuffed beneath the breeze,
eyes dulled in crescent moon.

We stay soft of the cities–––our
skin bubbles in the streetlights.
We keep to the dugouts, handshoveled
through the legs of winding burl.
On nights when the stars bullet red
through the branches, we shroud ourselves
in suits that we peeled from cask and bone.

We tell stories of our fathers
who sat high in the buildings.


Ryan Mattern
Copyright © 2012  

Ryan Mattern holds a B.A. in Creative Writing from CSU San Bernardino. He is the recipient of the Felix Valdez Award for short fiction. His work has appeared in THE2NDHAND, Poetry Quarterly, Criminal Class Review, as well as others. He is working on his M.A. at UC Davis.

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