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The Metaphysics of Hitchhiking

I dream cars.
Never the driver—his face, his hands, his crotch—the things
a passenger might notice.

I’m always on the shoulder.
My dreams platonic.
No shadows hold their bodies

to the earth. They float
like the chassis was fashioned out of bird-bone;
like a mirage, though speeding

slowly toward me, visible for miles and miles,
daring me
to get it to stop or even let up on the gas,

daring me to imagine
just how ideal it will be.
I never do.

And yet, true to form,
the one that picks me up is always the one
that comes

at the minimal hour—
sun straight up—
and I am shadowless too.


Gregory G. Hewett
Copyright © 2012  

Greg Hewett is the author of four volumes of poetry, most recently darkacre (Coffee House Press 2010), a finalist for a Lambda Book Award. He teaches at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, and lives in Saint Paul.

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