Margeaux Walter   © 2012 All Rights Reserved

Dear graph paper

The mosquitoes
        cannot enter this mesh
these printed ladders
        running straight as

the flow of milk from mother
        into child: o blue scaffold!
Grid and system, columns
        and tables,

each owner of axis knows you
        as boss or courtesan,
each student steps in
        and out of your tree roots.

My m.o. is fleshy
        complexity: the anti of you.
I arrange my loneliness
        atop your armature

and it is lovely and sure, the way
        windows frame
the onslaught of evening into
        something durable

yet sweeping, the way
        waves understand the bottom
only when pressed.
        Then along comes surf, like an answer.


Alice George
Copyright © 2012  

Alice’s first collection of poetry was published in 2008: This Must Be The Place (Mayapple Press). Journal credits include Tar River Poetry, Field, Bellingham Review, Sentence, Denver Quarterly, Quarter After Eight, New Orleans Review, Seneca Review, Diagram and others. Painting is her next frontier; see images at

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