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blind date

this night we call a canyon this hill we call our first this eyelash we call chance we値l persist like a coyote痴 tongue we値l carve a path through the dark with just our fingers and fate we値l be the echoes of the bats and live like rumors in the creek we値l be an inside joke tucked away inside our church pocket we値l be the footsteps of the footsteps we値l be the caterpillar between the creases of the page we値l knock on every tree stump every window we値l scare each other with lost door knobs and park benches we値l stand at each other痴 doorstep in only right angles we値l feel the eyes of ghosts standing on top of the biggest rock we find we値l bury bottles in the bushes we値l stretch our legs to the sky we値l be a ladder to midnight we値l be a freshly painted river we値l be the sound of your gate痴 latch opening we値l be covered in field mustard we値l be covered in moon we値l swallow light bulbs we値l stop calling october we値l make another bet we値l leave our shoes by the door and lose to the couch we値l be the rescue operation we値l be more tongue than honey we値l be the blind hike through rocks we値l stay lost together this bride we call bravery this moment we call tonight


Love Poem for Jeremy Lin

I知 ready to feel the love of MSG
to dance with you and Landry,
comb through the books,
put away our glasses, protect our pockets,
use our ivy league degrees and ball
like no one is watching.
You did it, Jeremy.
proved that Asians can drive
dribble and dunk
winding, contorting, and spinning through the lane
there痴 ice water in your veins
and you致e thrown the world for an alley oop.
there痴 a swagger in my step
as if I were you leading the fast break
as if I were shooting daggers and breaking hearts
because of you there痴 a spin move with my name on it
because of you this time I won稚 be the last one picked for pick up.
Don稚 say Linsanity,
say champion.
say shake and bake.
say threading the needle.
say behind the back, off the backboard, and never the same.
And when the ball stops bouncing
and the puns are dead and gone
just know Jeremy
that the couch in my heart will always be for you.


Anhvu Buchanan
Copyright ゥ 2012  

Anhvu Buchanan is the author of Backhanded Compliments & Other Ways to Say I Love You, forthcoming from Works on Paper Press. His poems have also appeared or are forthcoming in Columbia Poetry Review, Cream City Review, The Journal, and ZYZZYVA. He currently teaches for WritersCorps in San Francisco.

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