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Infinite Loop
   Ken Weisner
I Lie in Bed   Nils Peterson
xxvi: wintertalk   Theresa Williams
After a Funeral in Tel Aviv   Rosebud Ben-Oni
Poem After Wallace Stevens    Charles Wyatt
On the Subject of Tulips  Mia Ayumi Malhotra
Nonplatonic Couple   Michael Jones
Back Country  Carol V. Davis
lex cesarean  Kathleen Hellen
Two Poems  Judith Chalmer
Two Poems   Benjamin Myers
Eros   Aseem Kaul
An orgasm is trying to sleep   Nin Andrews
The Interrogation   J. Mae Barizo
Impossible Calculations   Peycho Kanev
Praça do Comercio   Brian Sousa
Second Attempt   Bryce Lillmars

Featured Poet

Robert Bly


From the Ether    Sally Ashton, Editor

From the Archives   Anne M. Doe Overstreet, May 2004 Issue

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Brian Curling

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