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PraÁa do Comercio
Black Notebook #3

In PraÁa do Comercio
the rushing hum of chatter
builds in constant swells
sucking the cobble
grinding stone smooth
breaking at my tired feet
an apology of white foam

We all have our secrets
that much is obvious

We canít avoid it
canít duck-dive
the nervous laughter
when sirens divide the crowd
when itís clear that weíre all tourists here
even the white pigeons

a young girl at the next table
waves her motherís fan
auditioning for womanhood

I donít dream of manhood anymore
but rather the years before that
when I didnít have any secrets

When if I clenched and then opened my empty hands
they were just that




Brian Sousa
Copyright © 2012  

Brian Sousa has been published in Redivider, Gavea-Brown, Quiddity, The Writer magazine, and in a Rutgers University Press anthology of Luso-American literature. A first collection of stories is forthcoming. Sousa teaches writing at Boston College and plays guitar in the band Ocean*Transfer.

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