Brian Curling   © 2012 All Rights Reserved


A statue:
a stone seduced

by its own worst

one untouchable thing
in a museum of coincidence.

Cracked veins run
through alabaster skin

too delicate to be
a drug dealer, you think,

then notice
the bag full of arrows

the blankness in the eyes—
no doubt about it—

the boy is peddling lies.
Call it art.

Beauty as truth
and body parts, the drawn line

that marks the god playing

take a shot
take a bow—

this is how

boy becomes hunter
predator becomes pray

another lost adolescent

trying to grow
a wing

or a pair.



Aseem Kaul
Copyright © 2012  

Aseem Kaul lives in Minneapolis, where he teaches Business Strategy at the University of Minnesota. Aseem’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in Night Train, Blood Orange Review, Eclectica, the Cortland Review, and RHINO among others, and a collection of his short fiction, titled études, was published in 2009.

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