Brian Curling   © 2012 All Rights Reserved

After a Funeral in Tel Aviv


Open the doors again to the 58 on Allenby,
and drink to our dour day girls,
those smokescreens of prayers
stuck in the low ceilings. In the mornings

they skid across Dizengoff, their faces
the young mourn on the street.
Behind the cracked mirror of old compacts,
they order cafe afuka in stencil voices,
echoing those standing too close to the edge.


Women in White are protesting
Women in Black who are protesting
in Rabin Square, fools
and castle builders in the desert.

You want to lie in each of her arms
and be that only child,
a single cell born in the Dead Sea.


You break into Yemin Moshe
to sleep in the cold gazebo.
Its roses have little to offer—
That is why you’ve come

to expect them at any hour.
You are not the first to break
into restricted areas
wanting nothing at all.



Rosebud Ben-Oni
Copyright © 2012  

Rosebud Ben-Oni is a playwright at New Perspectives Theater, where she is currently developing a new play. Recently her short story “A Way out of the Colonia” won the Editor’s Prize at Camera Obscura: A Journal of Contemporary Literature and Photography. Find her at

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