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The Interrogation

Try to remember what happened, the visa
application, the Neva, the many-lettered
suns. Petrograd. Merciful dreams which
predate inoculation. A pocket watch
with blue hands, ticking. Clamor
that is nearly unbearable. Night mammals
with their eye-lids loping towards each other.
Try to remember. The steep slope of breath,
raspberries, smooth and awkward arms.
This vampish propaganda. Everything
is Lacanian when youíre in love: frayed
edge of old pants, antique nibs of fountain
pens, hands forgetting protocol. Try
to remember. Letís start again. Try.



J. Mae Barizo
Copyright © 2012  

J. Mae Barizo is the author of The Marble Palace. She was shortlisted for Canadaís Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry. In 2011 her manuscript was a finalist for the Alice James Book Prize and CSU Poetry Center Prize. She is an editor for Fields Press and founding editor of The Aviary Online.

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