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An orgasm is trying to sleep,

but thereís a girl inside her who wants a first kiss. The orgasm watches her fantasize as she closes her eyes. She has tried to tell her itís not all itís cracked up to be. Kissing, she means. The orgasm no longer cares for it. (Really, the orgasm wants to get on with her business, not linger on the lips.) But the girl, whose name is Marta, is not convinced. The problem is sheís not alone. Thereís a whole party of adolescent girls in her bedroom, each one called Marta, each one trying to kiss her own mouth. The Martas lean into the mirror, imagining what if. Darlings, the orgasm hisses, itís just saliva, tongues, ick. But the Martas wonít listen. Instead they whisper, giggle, and ask each other, Have you tried this? They give each other Tic Tacs, lip gloss, Seventeen and Teen Magazine, highlighting passages from ďFirst Kiss Tips:Ē Donít eat garlic, onions, or anything that causes bad breath or flatulence. Practice kissing the back of your hand first, then the mirror. Aim for the lips, cocking your head to one side so you donít bump noses. But then the question arises, to part or not to part the lips? If yes, how much? The answer? The orgasm says, a slit. You donít want to appear too hungry. Remember, all the planning must appear to be his. Yes, my girls, you want to be a mere wisp, a hint, a wish, she thinks, but she knows this is sexist. She doesnít like it a bit. Soon they are asking, What if he slides his tongue behind your teeth? What if, in a moment of anxiety, you bite him? This, of course, is the life and death question. Bite him hard, she says, but not out loud. She hates to admit how she likes the taste of salt and iron on her tongue. And shades of bitterness. Thinking of this, she canít sleep. She listens while the Martas stay up, whispering and giggling. Behind them the night sails away like a kite with no string.



Nin Andrews
Copyright © 2012  

Nin Andrews has erased and rewritten every line of poetry and prose that she has ever written. The poem presented in this issue was about to be erased. She has written several volumes of poetry and is currently at work on The Last Orgasm. The poem in this issue is one of the last. 


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