Michael Neary   © 2012 All Rights Reserved

You’ll need a canopener

to decode me.
I’m turbulent in
a thesaurus.
If you like, require something.

This is where to go
for telepathic
compression. Enter
unusual dream, then drop.

You’ll want a
darkroom to remember.
The passage w/ rare
attenuation is open.

You’ll need a turbulent
dream to compress
the asomatous. If you
like, remember this.

You’ll need an interim
silence to grow something.
You’ll want an aberrating
passage to open.

This is where to go
for unusual. I live here.
There were telepathic
detonations, now rare.

You’ll need a thesaurus
to attenuate. I required a
canopener but now
I'm asomatous.

You’ll go to silence, then
enter decoding. It’s
safe here. It’s rare here.
You can open now.


Craig Kurtz
Copyright © 2012  

Craig Kurtz (aka Timothy Tyme, Barry Stoller, Calliope Kurtz and Van Halen Kurtz), age 53, Asperger’s, living at Twin Oaks Intentional Community. Recorded the Philosophic Collage EP in 1981, now in reissue. Staff writer 10 years for Perfect Sound Forever. Other publications include Monthly Review, Scram, Popmatters and Mad Swirl.

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