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I Am The Richest Man In The World

With the sun surging through the giant picture window of the living room,
I move through the apartment with my cup of coffee as my family sleeps quietly
in their beds, in their rooms. I walk over and look out the window a moment,
before I start thinking about the " pipe fitting I have to return to the hardware
store for one ⅛" larger. Before I think about Christmas shopping and recitals

this afternoon. Before I turn away, I let the sun fold over me. I let the sun work
through my sweatshirt, my flannel and t-shirt, until I feel the warmth inside
my collar nearly become unbearable. Before I leave the living room
for the garage, standing in this sunlight, I think of these seconds, of my family,
as bright pennies at my feet I could gather up into my pockets if I felt the need to.


Mark Heinlein
Copyright 2012  

Mark Heinlein was awarded the 2009 American Academy of Poets/Virginia de Arujo Award and the Bonita M. Cox Award for creative nonfiction. His poems appear in Tar River Poetry, Prose Poem Project, Caesura, and others. His book is forthcoming in 2013 from Tourane Poetry Press. Check out www.MarkHeinleinPoetry.wordpress.com

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