Michael Neary   2012 All Rights Reserved

Emily as a Clue, a Message

If music is time, fearless
music is time, dancing,
fearless music is the times
why does she sleep
like there is no time left
for our bodies to lose
the fear of our aging bodies?
There are some nights, one
in two hundred, I sleep
next to Emily, simply
because I am tired of waiting
for her to move risky,
to be luminous
to be bighearted, unflinching
against the reason of time.


Darren C. Demaree
Copyright 2012  

Darren C. Demaree is living in Columbus, Ohio, with his wife and children.  He is the author of As We Refer To Our Bodies (2013) and Not For Art Nor Prayer (2014). Both collections are to be published by 8th House Publishing House.  He is also the recipient of two Pushcart Prize nominations.

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