Amy MacLennan   © 2011 All Rights Reserved


Memory is a missing shoe in a frostbitten city. Someone changed the exits
on the interstate. You enter

an anonymous lane. In the distance, a white house with blue shutters.
No one knows

you loved the boy who cries in the house down the lane. Tonight you miss
the turn that would lead you to him.

Ice on the shutters. Frost on the lane. Roads close because of weather.
No one hears the cry.

Memory’s illustration of night as frostbitten city: misery is a missing shoe
off the shoulder

of the interstate, down a frozen lane, outside a white house. Shuttered.
In a frostbitten city. One lonesome foot.



Marcene Gandolfo
Copyright © 2011  

Marcene Gandolfo’s work has appeared recently in several literary journals including Harpur Palate, Bayou, Poet Lore, Van Gogh’s Ear, Georgetown Review, and Sow’s Ear Poetry Review.

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