Amy MacLennan   © 2011 All Rights Reserved


Whenever you and I speak the wind opens our husks
and light scatters the small house of words
                                            whose walls we keep bumping into.

We’re not bruised, but who has the heart to throw out
the horseradish? Let’s polish the chairs. Let’s sentence
                                            the quarter-sawn oak. If talking

were enough, we’d be able to uncross the branches
and lie on the violets beneath the birches.
                                            Parma is far, and you are

farther, yet here we are. Each letter we carve
in the heartwood gleams through the forest windows
                                            with our perfect tarnish.



Carolyn Dille
Copyright © 2011  

Carolyn Dille’s poems appear in national journals and anthologies and have been finalists in the Poetry Society of America Awards and other national contests. She teaches and leads workshops and retreats in creative awareness and meditation practices for writers.

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