Aida Schneider   © 2011 All Rights Reserved

The Denier

There was a man who denied the grass
under his feet and the birds descending
from the great sky to roost on the graves
and the graves he denied the graves
and no to the skulls of another time
precisely because they were from
another time and no to the smoke
twisting from the stacks and no
to the fire in the furnaces even though
an ember breathed gray and red
beneath a whisper red and gray
and no to the birds he denied
even the grass upon the graves.


David Salner
Copyright © 2011  

David Salnerís second book, Working Here, was published by Minnesota State Universityís Rooster Hill Press in 2010. His poetry appears in recent issues of the Iowa Review, Poetry Northwest, and Threepenny Review. He worked for twenty-five years as an iron ore miner, steelworker, general laborer.

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