Aida Schneider   © 2011 All Rights Reserved

When the pulse of it all falls through your fingers
            Eldorado National Forest

What animal are you
That calls to me
In this light? You are
Bare—I can feel the cool
Of your nakedness—
Yodelayhee what’s
In the divots and piles
You leave me
Through fallen needles;
Orange mornings
Diffracted by black
Muddled prints,
Twig suicides,
Raucous leaves
In the bald night— wet eaves
Of my tent:
Barriers between the barrier
Between us.
Did you bound away
Last night
From the rifle shots
That struck the darkest hour?
You, the howling
Closed circuit
I cannot see—


Britt Melewski
Copyright © 2011  

Britt Melewski grew up in New Jersey and Puerto Rico. His poems have appeared in Off the Coast, Liebamour, and Muscle & Blood. Melewski will complete his MFA at Rutgers-Newark in 2012. He tutors at the Rutgers Writing Center and works at a mental hospital in Long Branch, NJ.

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