Aida Schneider   2011 All Rights Reserved

Creature from the Black Lagoon

In the poster he carries the fainted
heroine, bridegroom-style in his scaly arms,
like so much pliant linen, back into
the swamp, into the murk, into his lair.
Her arms are splayed, her neck slung back in lush
surrender, her breasts ascendant. He slogs
with flippered walk, goggle eyes swiveling
over the smorgasbord of her torso,
the bobbing calves, the hanging hair, all that
tainted helplessness. Later she will wake,
confused at first, then bring the back of her
hand to her open mouth to milk for us
the stark, unspeakable eternity
between the realization and the scream.


Roy Mash
Copyright 2011  

Roy Mash is an electronics technician living in Marin County, California. His poetry has appeared in: AGNI, Atlanta Review, Barrow Street, the Evansville Review, Nimrod, and Poetry East, among others.

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