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She reaches out and takes the cigarette from him, the stale smoldering butt, and sucks one last drag from it. Always trying to create art. The wine bottle is empty and the bird has flown its cage. The sun is setting and a dark wind is rushing down the street. The bell rings, an impostor is at the door with a big smile on his face, a smile stretched to the thin limits. She lets him talk. Inside, the man on the couch stares into a mirror, picks his teeth, talks to himself, or to God, or to nobody.


Alexios Antypas
Copyright 2011  

Alexios Antypas lives in Budapest, Hungary, and teaches environmental policy at Central European University. His poetry has been published in Poetry International, the Spoon River Poetry Review, Sentence, the Cortland Review, Dark Sky Magazine, Psychic Meatloaf, and other journals.

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