Karen Kunc   © 2011 All Rights Reserved

self portrait 1pm

for sandra

some days it’s threading stone
to find the straight line
that runs between waking
& whatever countries might come next

you unfold “what’s in front of you”
as if it were a love letter
you’re uncertain you want to read

whatever it is that passes
continues to pass
zeno’s paradox explains human effort alone

the rest is viral
always eluding
“the lasso of numbers”

this is not to say
pollen on yr skin
voice swelling over the machines
you should stop what you are doing


John Amen
Copyright © 2011  

John Amen is the author of three collections of poetry: Christening the Dancer, More of Me Disappears, and At the Threshold of Alchemy. His collaborative work with Daniel Y. Harris, The New Arcana, will be released by NYQ Press in 2012. He founded and continues to edit The Pedestal Magazine.

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